Fair Trade School Uniforms

A school is never just a school. It's a playground of unpolluted ideas and adventures into understanding and contributing to the world at large. Your school can be a catalyst for good. Emblazon those principles onto your uniform with JacobsWell.

We are very pleased with the quality of work and price on our first order so would like to proceed please. The dresses look great. Please thank the Jacobs Well team for their super work.
— Karen Gill – Shop Manager, Crescent School, UK

Why Fair Trade School Uniforms?

Fair trade school uniforms provide a fully participatory educational experience for the wider school community as it learns about the principles of fair trade. 

We are there to support you on this journey and can provide you with inspiration for communicating your decision to switch to a fair trade supplier.

JacobsWell can offer hands-on resources, including knowledgeable speakers for your school assembly. We also have some interesting case studies on our producers that highlight the direct benefits of your fair trade purchase. 


Product Range

We believe in sustainable design principles. That’s why all our school uniforms utilise quality fabrics and embrace top-quality tailoring in our fair trade production unit to ensure they last throughout the calendar year - and beyond. 

We are able to supply most of the items that your traditional supplier can – from formal uniforms to summer frocks and even gym kits. These include:

•    Blazers
•    Trousers
•    Shirts
•    Ties
•    Caps
•    Dresses
•    Skirts
•    Hats
•    Lab coats
•    Aprons
•    Tabards
•    Bags

We are open to suggestions/ideas and always endeavour to meet your school's uniform needs.