What do you do a costing from, a sketch or a sample? 
We prefer to prepare a costing from a sample. We would produce the sample for the client and this process should indicate the time it takes to produce a product, so would give an accurate costing of the production costs for the client. 

What do you need to execute embroidery or printing?
We need a Pdf file with the dimensions and pantone colours for printing. For embroidery the sample as well as the PDF file.

Do you work from digital tech packs or product?
We can work from digital tech packs but it is better to also have the product.  See Q & A below.

What is the procedure for sampling?
We request the client send a pattern/product to Jacobs Well Unit. The pattern, material and all the specifications must be sent to the Cut, Make & Trim department (CMT) before sampling. We will make two samples and send one back to the client for approval. Once the client has approved the sample we will begin the production. The client is invoiced for two samples. If approved it can substitute a production piece.

What are the payment terms for sampling?
The payment terms for sampling is the time taken to develop the final approved sample. This payment can be made via Bank transfer.

What are the payment terms for production orders?
We require a 60% advance payment before the production begins. This payment can be made via Bank transfer.

What are your minimum quantities for an order? 
The minimum quantity depends on the product. Download the “Jacobs Well enquiry form” with details of your order so the information can be assessed. 
Email your completed “Jacobs Well enquiry form” to brenda.sheil@jacobswell.co.in

What would your turnaround time on an order be? 
The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the product and the quantity of the order and the shipping time.

What sort of fabrics do you work with? 
We work with all woven fabric in a variety of weights: cotton, linen, silk, chiffon,  wool and some heavier weight jerseys.

Are you able to source woven fabrics? If so, are they organic/sustainable and whom do you deal with?
We do not source fabric but suggest using organic/fair trade cottons or recyled fabrics. Fair Trade cotton from the Chetna Community and Jharcraft for fair-trade organic silks or contact the WFTO.  Alternatively contact “Ethical Fashion Forum” directory for other suppliers. All fabrics should negotiated and paid directly to the supplier.

Do you have grading facilities? 
We can share our contact for grading and require these to be approved by the client before we begin sampling. 

Do you provide print and embroidery facilities?
We do not do this in- house but can provide ethical and Fair Trade contacts within India. There will be a small service charge of 5% for this service.

Have you dealt with any Australian customers and have you encountered any difficulties with exporting to Australia?
Yes, we have worked with Australian customers and we have not encountered any difficulties with exporting to Australia. 

Which shipping company would you recommend us to use?
In our experience we would advise clients to set up their own business account with DHL as this is the most economical and effiecient process.

Which countries do you currently work with?
We currently work with Australia, USA, Sweden, India and UK

Are you able to produce T-shirts? 
No, unfortunately we do not produce t-shirts as we work predominantly with woven fabrics.